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Franken vs. Facebook

Watch as Sen. Al Franken Hammers the Social Media Platform's Top Lawyer With Regard to Those Russian Political Ads.

Sen. Al Franken held his head in his hands at times during his questioning of Colin Stretch, Facebook’s vice president and general counsel. It was the “I can’t believe what I’m hearing” kind of head-holding.

Watch the video and your own head will ache in sympathy as Stretch says things like “It’s a signal we should have been alert to” and “I think, in hindsight, we should have had a broader lens.”

But you’ll probably laugh at Franken’s sardonic comments, like this one:

“How did Facebook – which prides itself on being able to process billions of data points and instantly transform them into personal connections for its users – somehow not make the connection that electoral ads paid for in rubles were coming from Russia? Those are two data points! American political ads and Russian money: rubles. How could you not connect those two dots?”

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